Local Business Marketing Success Strategies  

Everything You Know and Have Been Taught About Local Business Marketing and Advertising is Wrong, Outdated and Ineffectual. PERIOD

It's Not Your Fault Though... and I'm going to explain why and share EXACTLY how... you can increase the return on your marketing investment by 100%, 200% OR MORE using strategies I have never revealed before.

Dear Business Professional,

Since the 1970s, Colleges, Universities and Business Schools have been churning out Marketing and Advertising "Experts" that have been taught the same worn-out, broken-down, Madison Avenue drivel. These experts have been taught and BELIEVE that the key to successful marketing is Creativity and Impressions (C-n-I).

Their belief is reinforced every time they turn on the TV. And I believed it for the longest time too.

Make a creative ad, jingle, or television spot and then relentlessly pound it into the consumers mind in print, on radio and especially on TV.

You know what I'm talking about; Geico's gecko and cavemen, Coca-a-Cola's polar bears and Budweiser's Clydesdales playing football. This tired, worn-out formula has been around for over 50 years now. Remember Mr. Whipple Squeezing the Charmin? Where's the Beef? And Plop Plop Fizz Fizz?.

They even give one another awards for their creativity! Here's a link to the 100 Best Campaigns of All Time.

The Problem Is That This Approach is 100% Flat Out WRONG for Your Local Specialty Business or Professional Practice!

This brand awareness approach to marketing only works if you are a fat-cat consumer giant with a billion dollars to spend every year to market simple consumer items that the prospect is going to buy anyway!

On that battlefield it only makes sense that victory will go to the company whose combination of creativity and impressions has put their brand image at the top of your mind as you are walking through the store.

The fact is your business will never reach it's full potential and JUST MIGHT FAIL if you follow this tired, inappropriate Madison Avenue approach to Marketing.

Here's why. This approach fails to fulfill the True Purpose of Specialty Business and Professional Practice Marketing.

The True Purpose of Local Specialty Business and Professional Practice Marketing

  1. Position you as the expert in your field
  2. Get your prospects to call, contact and outright pursue you 
  3. Start and nurture a relationship through automated, ongoing value delivery
  4. Guide your prospect across the buying continuum and into your business

Does Your Local Business Marketing Do All That?  

It's Time for Action...

If you have read this far you have probably come to one of two conclusions

  1. This guy is full of @#$% and his opinions stink just like it!
  2. This guy makes a lot of sense.

If you are in the first camp and think I'm full of @#$% and think that everything you have read up to now is just my opinion... it is not. It is objective FACT.

Prove it to yourself by taking our 5 minute Marketing Challenge. I'm confident that your past and present marketing will FAIL to get a passing grade. If I'm wrong, email me and let me know at MarketingProfits40 at gmail dot com!

If you are in the second camp and are ready to stop wasting your valuable time, energy and MONEY on ineffectual marketing then take the next step and download our free report "How To Never Waste Another Dime On Crappy Marketing" where you'll learn how you can grow your business from where it is today to as large as you would like it to be by creating powerful, automated marketing processes.

Warmest Regards,


Scott Metcalfe, Founder
MarketingProfits 4.0

St. Charles, Illinois

 Scott Metcalfe


PS: When we work together you will learn to market your specialty business the same way I market mine. Chances are that you found this website through some kind of published media, search engine, highly targeted direct mail campaign or word of mouth.

PPS: Listen. I know that all you really want to do is finally be able to work less and earn more. Right? Well that goal is possible. After you've implemented the MarketingProfits 4.0 approach you'll have a true local business marketing system that will deliver qualified prospects to you 24x7x365 with little or no ongoing effort. Sound Good?

There's a caveat though... the MarketingProfits 4.0 approach is not for everyone!

Why? You have to be willing to invest the time, mental energy and effort required to build your system. If you are someone who is not genuinely serious about moving your business forward then you'll want to direct your attention elsewhere. Try googling "make money" or "get rich quick"...I'm sure you'll find plenty of other options more suited to your personality.


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"My marketing team was doing all the "right" things the experts told us we should be doing and we just weren't seeing the results that my board of directors wanted to see.  I had heard about Scott and his new approach to lead generation marketing and decided to give it a try instead of the canned solution proposed by our big name ad agency. Scott's turn-key approach went exactly as he said it would and produced results that exceeded everyone's expectations. It's like having a new person on my sales team!"

John Cudmore, Director  Sales & Marketing QCenter

"Scott Metcalfe is a wealth of information that we are using to grow our business in this trying economy. We have been in business for eight years and refuse to participate in a recession. December 2008 was our best month ever. Now is the time to excel at business. Scott will help you improve your knowledge to position yourself and your business for the upswing. I highly recommend using Scott Metcalfe"

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Grady Lenski, Strategy and Commercial Operations Director Transitions Optical